Stored comparisons — Aug 6, 2016

Meld has a rough time with showing recent comparisons. The fundamental problem here is that toolkit support for recently-used files assumes that each entry is a single file. I can’t blame the toolkit for thinking this, since there’s probably less than a handful of cases where this isn’t true, but since almost all comparisons in Meld involve two or three files, it makes our life hard.

xdg-app support — Mar 12, 2016

Meld in master has ‘support’ for being built as an xdg-app bundle. This hasn’t actually required any changes to Meld itself, just a script or two to do the necessary building + shims.

What's New in Meld 3.14 — Jul 21, 2015

Not much.

Life as a GTK+ app developer — Jan 4, 2015

The GTK+ 3 port of Meld was developed against 3.8, targetting 3.6. When I started doing the port, 3.8 was what was available in current distributions, so it seemed reasonable to expect that by the time the port was done, many users would have access to it. In fact, it took way longer than I’d hoped and the GTK+ 3 port was released at about the same time as GTK+ 3.14 came out, which then broke everything.

What's new in Meld 3.12 — Sep 24, 2014

After an unexpectedly long transition, Meld 3.12 is the first stable release of Meld based on GTK+ 3. As usual, plenty has changed. While a lot of work this time around was behind the scenes, some of that work has enabled cool new features as well.

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