Meld features that people have never asked for — Mar 29, 2014

People ask for new features all the time. Sometimes they’re good ideas, sometimes… they’re not. Sometimes there’s a better way to address the requested feature. However, to me it’s interesting to contemplate the things that people don’t ask for.

What's new in Meld 1.8? — Sep 15, 2013

Quite a bit!

The tale of the unwatched list — Jan 12, 2013

When I started maintaining Meld, a surprising number of accounts for new


services entered my life. Inevitably, a few responsibilities were missed.

Goings-on in Meld HEAD (and local branches) — Dec 8, 2012

Git HEAD can be an interesting place. It’s actually not that scary right now, but there have been a few interesting changes go in. There’s also some cool stuff in the pipeline. As usual, however, that will all take an indeterminate period of time to arrive.

Meld fixes I'll never get around to, August 2012 edition — Aug 31, 2012

Our automatic merging commands ‘Merge from left’, ‘Merge from right’ and ‘Merge all’ depend on the focussed pane. There are two problems with this.

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