Tell me what you can't do — Jul 9, 2012

When writing Meld’s new documentation, I added a section that I wish every software project had: “Things that Meld doesn’t do”.

Things that suck about Meld that I learned about by writing user help — Jun 28, 2012

In any software that you work on, there are always pain points; there are things that you know aren’t great, but are low priority or hard to fix or would mean changing established behaviours. It’s when you sit down to document how these things work that you realise just how much these things suck.

Plucking a Mallard — Jun 12, 2012

Meld is in the process of getting nice new shiny Mallard-based documentation. There are several things standing in the way of getting our new help actually distributed with Meld — not least of which being that I haven’t yet pushed it to Git — but there’s nothing much stopping me from making it available on the Meld website.

Obligatory first post — Jun 6, 2012

This blog is an attempt to consolidate the limited writing that I do. Statistics suggest that it will probably fail.

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